PROLAT creates for you with concrete look and texture, indoor and outdoor furniture, sinks and bathroom countertops, but also special masonry, all based on the design you request, without any restrictions.


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Recent Projects


Mykonos is rightly known as the Queen of the Aegean Sea, for it is difficult, if not impossible, to visit it without falling in love with it – not only for its glamorous, cosmopolitan side that has made it world-famous, but also for its Cycladic beauty, breathtaking landscapes and magical colours: the absolute white of the whitewashed houses, the blue of the sea and the golden of the Greek sun. In the legendary island of the winds, aesthetic standards are exceptionally high and even commercial shops faithfully follow the rules of the traditional architecture characterized by austere, clean lines and surfaces reflecting sunlight. Cava Precious is a typical example of such a shop that reminds of a classical Mykonian house. This type of construction requires materials that combine aesthetic excellence and great durability. PROLAT had the perfect solution for the exterior space around the shop: Quartz Mosaic. It is a particularly practical, top quality material used for floor coating mainly in outdoor areas; for instance, it is suitable for hotels, pedestrian precincts, balconies, terraces and car parks. Quartz Mosaic is very easy to use, as it can be applied to smooth concrete, common cement mortar or old tiles. PROLAT guarantees that it exhibits outstanding mechanical strength, is anti-slip and can be easily cleaned, as it needs no joints. Another significant advantage of Quartz Mosaic is that, thanks to the natural quartz stone contained, it does not fade if exposed to sunlight or any adverse weather conditions and requires no maintenance. Moreover, it is thanks to the different colourations of its quartz stone that it is available in such a wide variety of colours. In this case, PROLAT aptly chose a discreet and relaxing shade of grey that highlights the dazzling white of the entire building and its traditional island architecture, proving once again that simple solutions often are the best.

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Summer is here once again, hot and unstoppable, and is making us dream of escapes from everyday life. The luckiest of us have already booked flights to our next destinations. The trip, however, does not begin when the plane takes off but as soon as you set foot in the airport… because the atmosphere around you suddenly changes; you get into holiday mood and everything seems to be preparing you for the invariably exciting experience of air travel: the colorful crowds, the enthusiasm and impatience in passengers’ eyes, the bright shops. One of them is Everest, at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, a snack and coffee shop that welcomes visitors in a friendly, modern and attractive space designed to please the eye and help them relax. PROLAT contributed to this with one of its classical, high quality products, LavaMosaic, which is used for interior floor coating. LavaMosaic is a practical and beautiful anti-slip floor material that exhibits outstanding mechanical strength and therefore is ideal for all sorts of small and big public or private areas. PROLAT recommends it unconditionally not only for shop, eating establishment and hotel floors but for private residence floors as well. Thanks to its natural beauty, LavaMosaic, which is available in various colors, offers a fine aesthetic result and excellent functionality and, since no joints are needed in its application, PROLAT guarantees that it is particularly easy to clean with ordinary cleaning agents, as long as it has been covered with the special varnish that prevents staining by pollutants, oils, etc. Everest, in Athens International Airport, is a warm little welcome and farewell corner and PROLAT is proud of its contribution to its hospitable and tasteful environment. So, have a great summer and wonderful, magical trips!

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It is said that all that glitters is not gold… yet sometimes it is! In Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum, a truly magical place in the heart of the historical centre of the capital, at the very foot of the Acropolis, that used to house the workshops and family home of the famous goldsmith, artist and academician, it is not only the exquisite exhibits that glitter but also the building itself – both metaphorically and literally! On the Roof Garden, PROLAT was called on to contribute to the creation of an environment worthy of the glamour of the first and only Museum of Jewelry and Decorative Arts in Greece and it did, with an equally unique product: Quartz Mosaic. In this specific case, it was decided to use quartz from the Gold series (the most impressive one of the company thanks to the golden glints in the material), which is perfectly suited both for the building and for the theme of the museum. Quartz Mosaic is a versatile and tasteful anti-slip floor coating with outstanding mechanical strength, recommended by PROLAT mainly for outdoor areas of all types. The polyurethane resin that it contains lends perfect elasticity to the material, while the absence of joints makes it particularly easy to clean. PROLAT guarantees that Quartz Mosaic, which is available in various colours, thanks to the natural quartz stone contained, does not fade if exposed to sunlight, remains unaltered in any weather conditions and requires no maintenance. Quartz Mosaic Gold is indeed a valuable product that justifies both its reputation and its name! Construction Partner: Kappa Advice Colour Code Applied: QM70

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