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PROLAT SA is a production company of non-metallic minerals and mortars, which has been operating since 1965 in Athens Greece.
The company’s production capabilities allow covering any quantity of products in a minimum of time. It operates under ISO 9001 and carries out daily quality control at all stages of the production of its products.

The production activity of PROLAT includes:industrial non metallic minerals (such as bentonite and pozzolan, architectural materials such as ceramic floors and quartz mosaics, building materials such as tile adhesives, putties and plastering materials, as well asmaterials for archaeological services and renovations of old buildings, such as cement-free grouts and mortars.


PROLAT – DIMOPOULOS has been operating since 1965. The company specializes in the pulverization, standardization and marketing of non-metallic minerals, as well as in the production of mortars.

PROLAT was founded in 1965 by G. Kavalis with the original purpose of processing non-metallic minerals for industrial use. In 1987 the company was taken over by Spyros Dimopoulos.
In 2000, after six years of studying abroad (degree in Electronics, Master of Physicist, Master of Hospital Administration), Savvas Dimopoulos took over the reins of the business, together with his brother, University Professor Giorgos Dimopoulos (degree in Economics, Master of Business Administration ).

By investing in the research and development of new, innovative products and support techniques, PROLAT soon gained a leading position in the Greek market, also increasing its workforce.
Always aiming to maintain its reliability and flexibility in meeting every need, investing long-term and targeted in market research, laboratory tests and development in an environmentally friendly way, PROLAT has deservedly earned and maintains the trust of its customers.

The company’s philosophy, which remains stable and unchanged over time, is summed up in the production of excellent quality products and the ability to respond to the particularities of each project, both materially and technically.

Guided by this philosophy, the company is moving dynamically towards the future.