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PROLAT – DIMOPOULOS, an industrial company producing and marketing minerals, mortars and paints, has been operating since 1965 in Mandra, Attica, where it owns a factory in its privately owned 10-stremma piece of land. Our production capabilities allow us to cover any quantity of products in minimal time. The company is ISO 9001 certified and performs daily quality controls in all stages of the production process.

PROLAT products include industrial non metallic minerals (bentonite, kaolin, talcum, silica sand, pozzolan, pumice), construction materials (lavaplaster, kourasani coloured plaster, stabilized ceramic floor, coloured stone mortar, tile adhesives, marble adhesives, stuccos for spatula applications, plastering materials, natural hydraulic lime and its derivatives) and both water and epoxy paints.

The construction activity of PROLAT includes the design and construction of all types of buildings, as well as the design and planning of exterior spaces. It also includes the construction and renovation of private residences and professional spaces. For this purpose PROLAT possesses crews specialized in all types of construction works.


S. DIMOPOULOS & CO LP has been operating since 1965 under the distinctive business name PROLAT (formed from the initial syllables of the Greek words ΠΡΟϊόντα ΛΑΤομείου, namely Quarrying Products). The company specializes in the pulverization, standardization and trade of mineral materials of special specifications and in the production of mortars and paints.

PROLAT was founded in 1965 by G. Kavalis and it initially specialized in processing non metallic minerals for industrial use. In 1987, the company was undertaken by Spyros Dimopoulos. In 2000, Savas Dimopoulos, after six years of studies abroad (BSc in Electronics, MSc in Medical Physics, Master of Hospital Administration [MHA]), took the reins of the company, together with his brother, Professor Georgios Dimopoulos (BA in Economics, Master of Business Administration [MBA]).

Consistently investing in research and the development of new, innovative products and support techniques, PROLAT soon assumed a leading position in the market, increasing its turnover and workforce. In 2000, the company broadened its range of products to include construction materials and paints, catering for an increasingly wider spectrum of clients.

Always acting with the aim of remaining reliable and flexible in covering all customer needs and investing on a long-term basis in targeted market research, laboratory tests and controls, and economic growth in a way friendly to society and the environment, PROLAT has deservedly gained and retains customers’ trust.

The corporate culture, which has remained steady and unaltered over time, can be summed up in the production of top quality products and in the ability to respond to the particular requirements of each work undertaken, both materially and technically. Driven by this culture, the company is heading dynamically for the future.