Coloured Stone Mortar

Coloured Stone Mortar with Kourasani is bioclimatic and has only natural ingredients. It offers high durability and excellent workability. It allows the house to “breathe” and at the same time illuminates the stone building with a special beauty and aesthetics. The ingredients of the Colored Natural Stone Joint are the pozzolan, the ceramic flour, the lime and the quartz sand. With the coexistence of lime and pozzolan, hydraulic properties are created, which increase both the strength and the waterproofing of the building.

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In Naxos, the fertile island that rightly bears the title “Queen of the Cyclades”, the peaceful and rich in biodiversity nature once made Kazantzakis write, “If Paradise was on earth, it would be right here”. In such an idyllic landscape, in the village of Vivlos, a beautiful modern villa with evident elements of traditional island architecture, the Villa of delight and serenity, welcomes visitors in its comfortable and hospitable spaces and promises to enchant them with its view and earthy, relaxing colours that match perfectly with the serene natural environment. PROLAT contributed decisively to this attractive picture with two of its well-known top quality products: LavaPlaster for the bathrooms and Coloured Stone Mortar for the whole house. LavaPlaster needs no introduction. Its natural beauty and the absence of joints, which ensures a monolithic, perfectly smooth surface with no fissures, along with its high durability and waterproof qualities, have made it one of the most popular products of PROLAT. It is used both in new and in renovation works, for staircases, countertops, bathrooms, built beds etc. and is available in more than 150 lovely shades that cover all architectural and decoration needs and preferences. Furthermore, LavaPlaster may be covered with a special varnish that protects the surface against all sorts of stains. Coloured Stone Mortar, an equally practical and functional product of PROLAT, is an ideal solution for stone-built buildings, both for aesthetic reasons and to ensure waterproofing. It is a bioclimatic product consisting solely of natural ingredients: ceramic tile powder, silica sand, Theran earth and hydrated lime. The latter two create hydraulic properties that enhance its strength and waterproofing ability. One of the most remarkable advantages of Coloured Stone Mortar is that it allows the building to “breathe” while also lightening it and lending it special charm, partly thanks to its colour, which it owes to the tile powder it contains. These two excellent products of PROLAT were harmoniously combined to lead to the impressive final result captured in the photos: a particularly tasteful, relaxing and functional environment.

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The main difference between a tourist and a traveller is that the former sees comfort and entertainment an end in itself, wherever he is, while the latter yearns to truly get to know any place he visits, discovering its history, secrets and people. However, this is often difficult, if not impossible, in an impersonal hotel, no matter how luxurious it may be. For those who seek something different, the answer is a holiday residence such as Maria’s Stonehouse in the verdant island of Samos, the birthplace of Pythagoras, which offers the magic of tradition, but not at the expense of a restful and pleasant stay.  This is why the traditional materials required by its architecture and character, namely wood and stone, had to be harmoniously combined with equivalent modern high-quality materials like LavaPlaster, LavaPaint and Coloured Stone Mortar – all well-known products of PROLAT. For the bathrooms, PROLAT recommended LavaPlaster, a hard-wearing and durable material that guarantees absolutely waterproof surfaces in a rich variety of colours, smooth, jointless and, thanks to a special varnish, totally protected against stains and dirt. For the walls, PROLAT chose its popular finishing render LavaPaint, a coloured material applied with a spatula, suitable both for facades and for interior walls. What differentiates LavaPaint from ordinary paints is its discreetly coarse texture that creates a striking sense of naturalness. Finally, mortar is particularly important in such stone built structures. PROLAT had the ideal material: Coloured Stone Mortar, a bioclimatic product with natural ingredients that offers excellent bonding, allows the building to “breathe” and sets it off thanks to its colour, which it owes to the ceramic tile powder it contains. PROLAT offers solutions for all kinds of construction demands, knowledgeably, responsibly and with dedication to quality.

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