LavaPlaster is used for coating floors and walls, interiors. With a thickness of up to 4 mm it offers a very high aesthetics and the over 150 colors create an ideal result for special spaces. The final surface of LavaPlaster is smooth without cracks and capillaries. The application on top of the LavaPlaster with the specialized varnishes, ensures and protects the surface from dirt, oils, etc.


The final aesthetics and appearance of the LavaPlaster is not limited to one or two styles, but there are many more options, based on the architectural mood and use.

Recent Projects


In the beautiful Macedonian city of Grevena in Northern Greece, apart from the numerous (more than 2,500!) species of mushrooms that have given it the title of the “Mushroom Capital of Greece”, you can also find elegant and sophisticated shops that have nothing to envy those of metropolises such as Athens or Thessaloniki. A typical example is the hair salon and barber shop F&F, which was created with two main elements: good taste and excellent quality materials. The interior design studio Decomaniacs of talented Sergios Lazos was responsible for the former, imaginatively designing an attractive and friendly environment, minimalist, classy and modern at the same time, while the credit for the latter belongs to PROLAT, which offered two of its most popular products to show the large and light spaces to advantage: LavaPaint for walls and LavaPlaster for floors. As clearly shown in the photos, LavaPaint is a very special solution proposed by PROLAT for interior or exterior walls. The unique feature that differentiates it from usual paints is its slightly coarse texture that creates a pleasant sense of naturalness and freshness. Both for new or renovation works that require something different from a monotonously uniform plastic surface, PROLAT recommends LavaPaint with Kourasani, which is available in various lovely colours, and also in a special edition as a finishing render in exterior thermal insulation systems. As for floors, PROLAT had of course the ideal solution: LavaPlaster, an exceptionally hard wearing and completely waterproof reinforced material that can guarantee absolutely smooth surfaces with no joints, ensuring an impeccable aesthetic appearance and perfect functionality. It is also noteworthy that LavaPlaster is available in more than 150 beautiful shades. The overall final result justifies both of the above choices. And once more, PROLAT hasevery reason to be proud of them.

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The main difference between a tourist and a traveller is that the former sees comfort and entertainment an end in itself, wherever he is, while the latter yearns to truly get to know any place he visits, discovering its history, secrets and people. However, this is often difficult, if not impossible, in an impersonal hotel, no matter how luxurious it may be. For those who seek something different, the answer is a holiday residence such as Maria’s Stonehouse in the verdant island of Samos, the birthplace of Pythagoras, which offers the magic of tradition, but not at the expense of a restful and pleasant stay.  This is why the traditional materials required by its architecture and character, namely wood and stone, had to be harmoniously combined with equivalent modern high-quality materials like LavaPlaster, LavaPaint and Coloured Stone Mortar – all well-known products of PROLAT. For the bathrooms, PROLAT recommended LavaPlaster, a hard-wearing and durable material that guarantees absolutely waterproof surfaces in a rich variety of colours, smooth, jointless and, thanks to a special varnish, totally protected against stains and dirt. For the walls, PROLAT chose its popular finishing render LavaPaint, a coloured material applied with a spatula, suitable both for facades and for interior walls. What differentiates LavaPaint from ordinary paints is its discreetly coarse texture that creates a striking sense of naturalness. Finally, mortar is particularly important in such stone built structures. PROLAT had the ideal material: Coloured Stone Mortar, a bioclimatic product with natural ingredients that offers excellent bonding, allows the building to “breathe” and sets it off thanks to its colour, which it owes to the ceramic tile powder it contains. PROLAT offers solutions for all kinds of construction demands, knowledgeably, responsibly and with dedication to quality.

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Your home mirrors your personality and decisively influences your mood. This is why home environment should be not only functional and ergonomic, for obvious reasons, but also pleasant and restful. In city apartments, where creativity is often impeded by limited space and lack of natural light, the choice of clever and practical quality materials can counterbalance these disadvantages. For the apartment shown in the photos, which is located in Kolonaki, a legendary area of the capital, PROLAT had the most ideal solution: LavaPlaster. Thanks to the absence of joints and its natural beauty, LavaPlaster guarantees a tasteful smooth and uninterrupted surface, which makes a room look larger and lighter. PROLAT unconditionally recommends this hard-wearing and perfectly waterproof material, available in more than 150 lovely shades, not only for floors but also for staircases, countertops, built beds, bathrooms and various other surfaces. It is also worth noting that covering LavaPlaster with a special varnish ensures full protection against staining by pollutants, oils, etc. PROLAT had, however, another highly advantageous proposal for the specific apartment: with the use of Betoform style and concrete boards on the walls, it achieved an original and exceptionally attractive aesthetic result that immediately catches and pleases the eye. This proves yet again that with suitable quality materials, imagination and passion any everyday life space can be literally transformed into a personal oasis of peace and tranquillity.

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