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The term bioarchitecture refers to the parameters that contribute to the construction of ecological buildings and ecological structures in general, and are applied with the use of ecological materials that are friendly to the environment and man. These materials are of natural origin, derived exclusively by mechanical processing and no chemical processing whatsoever.

As regards the use of these ecological construction materials, their advantages include low energy consumption and limited emission of contaminants during their production, and limited carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions during their use, as well as the recyclability of their waste. Materials belonging to the above category include raw clay, Theran earth, tile powder, lime, wood, ceramic floors, hydraulic lime, etc.

The construction products that PROLAT has been manufacturing since 1967 are ecological indeed, as they are derived from mixing natural and mineral matter, namely they are natural, bioclimatic products.

In addition, PROLAT products play a major role in special experimental – pilot constructions. PROLAT manufactures and markets products used altogether in bioclimatic constructions in which cement is completely avoided. PROLAT products, for instance, have been used in straw-bale constructions. Based on this principle, PROLAT helps groups aiming at green building and experimenting on it.
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