Kourasani Coloured Plaster

PROLAT kourasani – coloured plaster is a ready bioclimatic marble plaster. It is available in many colour shades and its high aesthetic quality is not affected by time. It displays excellent resistance and reduces building costs, as there is no need for painting. It is added to conventional plaster instead of marble plaster and is applied after the roughcast plastering and the dense layer, practically replacing the last layer of plaster.

The product is created by mixing marble sand, tile powder, hydrated lime, Theran earth-pozzolan, and silica sand. This mixing is done in the factory, in an industrial production unit and not by the plasterer’s assistant at the building site; this ensures stability and repeatability as regards both the quality and the colour shade of the plaster. It is therefore easy to use for any plasterer and the only ingredient that needs to be added is water.

However, what differentiates the specific coloured plaster from all other similar products is the use of materials with pozzolanic properties namely tile powder and Theran earth-pozzolan. As shown by laboratory measurements, the hydraulic properties developed in the plaster increase compressive and flexural strength and the plaster behaves better under harsh weather conditions and in difficult environments (cold, proximity to the sea).

The traction of the plaster is excellent and it exhibits great strength and resistance even in case of frost. Coloured plaster with tile powder, although waterproof, allows the house to breathe, as it does not block the pores. Moreover, the use of coloured plaster helps you reduce building costs, as you can avoid altogether the painting cost, as well as the costs of the materials needed for the last coating of the plaster, which is replaced, and the scaffold needn’t remain in place any longer.

PROLAT’s long experience in manufacturing coloured plaster with the use of tile powder has resulted in a top quality product that meets the plasterer’s expectations from the moment of trial and guarantees an impressive and very attractive final result. As regards resistance and water tightness, they are immediately evident (even in the initial sample, which is firm and not crumbling) and can also be proved through laboratory measurements.

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