The secret for a successful renovation is to create something original, attractive and functional building upon whatever tasteful and symbolical is worth keeping and marrying old and new elements. Panagakis Crepe Café in beautiful Aegina, continuing a 150-year family tradition as an eating establishment, keeps pleasing both the palate and the eye of its loyal customers through its recently renovated shop. PROLAT played a leading part in the café’s new image by choosing LavaPaint Finishing Render with Kourasani for all the walls. LavaPaint always makes a difference because, contrary to ordinary paints that can offer nothing more than an indifferent plastic surface, it can guarantee a special, refreshingly rough natural feeling with its slightly coarse texture and discreet, restful colours. Moreover, LavaPaint is suitable both for interior and exterior walls and perfectly waterproof. For the bathrooms, PROLAT chose LavaPlaster, a tried, tested and well known material that creates monolithic and completely waterproof surfaces. LavaPlaster is available in more than 150 lovely shades and, thanks to the use of a special varnish, it is fully protected against staining by pollutants, oils, etc. PROLAT products, such as LavaPaint and LavaPlaster, combine excellent durability, natural beauty, practical advantages and competitive prices, which makes them an ideal solution both for new works and for all sorts of renovations. Because quality is always the key.

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It’s nice to stand out through constant improvement efforts. This is what really matters in all aspects of life: never settle for what you find, but, using all your knowledge, skill and imagination, always try to make it even better. PROLAT, for instance, going beyond ordinary paints, has created a product which, in addition to its practical advantages, can radically change the external appearance of a building, attracting glances, interest and, consequently, in the case of shops, new customers. LavaPaint, a natural paint with kourasani developed by PROLAT, does not offer a monotonously uniform plastic surface, as most paints do; its slightly coarse texture guarantees an original result, creating a refreshing sense of naturalness. MoreShop, a women’s wear boutique in Menidi, Attica, is a characteristic example. One glance is enough to realize how clearly it stands out, like a little oasis of tastefulness in the built environment of a densely populated urban district. The aesthetic dimension of the final result, however, is not the only reason why PROLAT is so proud of the specific product: LavaPaint is a coloured spatula-applied finishing render suitable both for new works and for renovations involving either interior or exterior walls, which offers excellent waterproof protection. Finally, it is worth noting that LavaPaint, one of the most popular products of PROLAT, is also available as a finishing render in exterior thermal insulation systems for building façades. It’s nice to stand out. And so simple, after all.

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What can make a difference and turn one of the many identical impersonal buildings of a big city into a really interesting one? PROLAT has the answer: the right materials; not just quality materials but special and unique ones that can give colour, life and character to any residence or workplace, such as Arte de Pelo hairdresser’s in Petroupoli, Athens. LavaPaint, for instance, the finishing render that PROLAT applied to the façade and walls of the two-storey building, is not an ordinary paint that can offer nothing but a merely painted surface; its slightly coarse texture creates a rugged sense of naturalness surprisingly appealing to the eye. As in every shop, the material needed for interior floors should be practical, hard-wearing and easy to clean, but at the same time attractive to clients too. Once again, PROLAT had the solution: LavaMosaic is an anti-slip floor coating with outstanding mechanical strength and no joints and, thanks to a special varnish, it never stains. Furthermore, it is distinguished for its natural beauty. A special touch of freshness and elegance is added to the ergonomically simple and modernly decorated interior with the use of Betocore for mirror stands and partitions. With Betocore, one of the most innovative and versatile products of PROLAT, you can create original and tasteful objects and furniture that stand out thanks to their concrete-like appearance and texture. Finally, the balcony was coated with Quartz Mosaic, another product of PROLAT which combines all the aesthetic advantages of natural quartz stone in addition to the essential qualities that any exterior floor coating material should exhibit (anti-slip properties, ease of cleaning, wear resistance and resistance to sunlight and all weather conditions). Behind every beautiful and functional place, apart from architectural inspiration and passion for decoration, there is usually another open secret: the choice of the appropriate materials that will best serve its purpose and show its image to advantage.

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