Our houses live and age with us and any problems they exhibit over time either due to normal wear or because of neglect in their planning or maintenance directly influence our quality of life and mood, and quite often our health too. One of the most common problems of this kind is moisture.  Very often, especially in winter, we happen to see in our houses negative moisture (moisture originating from behind the construction) that practically destroys both the colour and the plaster on the walls. This is due to the fact that insulation was not properly planned from the beginning and as a result in some cases, such as those shown in the photos, the situation is much worse and leads to high costs every year. Fortunately, PROLAT has the answer: Vistro, the new line of plasters, effectively combats moisture. Because ready-to-use Vistro plasters contain pozzolan and tile powder, thanks to which they possess increased hydraulic properties,  do not contain cement, allowing therefore the wall to “breathe”, as they do not trap moisture inside it,  are suitable both for exterior and for interior surfaces and are exceptionally easy to use, as any plasterer can easily work with them in the traditional 3-layer plastering: roughcast, dense and thin layer. Finally, it is worth noting that it is possible to colour the last layer of Vistro plaster, directly ensuring the desired colour of the surface. The solution to the problem of moisture now has a name: Vistro by PROLAT.

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From the very first moment you see Ermoupoli, the stately capital of Syros, when you arrive at its large cosmopolitan port, you are bound to feel captivated by its architecture, a fascinating mix of Cycladic, medieval and neoclassical elements. Naturally, any restoration work in important buildings, which reflect the rich history of the city, requires the know-how to do them, as well as top quality, wear-resistant and highly specialized materials. PROLAT possesses the necessary experience and know-how, plus the best materials for this sort of works. The certified products of PROLAT are ready-to-use mortars for building and stone grouting, grouts and cement-free plasters that offer the most practical and reliable solution for construction problems requiring special knowledge and experience. In Ermoupoli, PROLAT, cooperating with specialized crews, applied Donakon, a cement-free construction mortar containing Pozzolana, to stonework as a base before spreading the waterproofing material. The same product was used for sealing before grouts, while wetting was used to avoid cracking. Finally, PROLAT used Donakon for deep grouting on the first two stories of a traditional building, while coloured stone mortar was used on the top floor. The aesthetically perfect and provenly wear-resistant result shows that, no matter how sensitive interventions and repairs are needed for special constructions of particular value, all problems can be solved when you have know-how and passion and, of course, the most advanced and suitable for each individual case materials.

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