PROLAT travelled once again to Paros, the beloved Cycladic island that is famous for its beautiful traditional villages and stunning golden beaches. There, in Parikia, the picturesque capital of the island that captivates the visitor with its paved alleys, whitewashed houses and little yards bursting with flowers, PROLAT had the chance to leave its creative mark on one of the most elegant and tasteful buildings of the area with one of its most popular products: LavaPaint.  Because a special building like the old Petros Ragousis edifice, which has been proudly surveying the port since 1887, deserves nothing but the most special materials. And LavaPaint stands out indeed because it doesn’t merely give a monotonously uniform plastic surface, but offers a particularly attractive aesthetic result thanks to its slightly coarse texture that creates a pleasantly rugged sense of naturalness. Moreover, the colour that was chosen perfectly matches the island’s atmosphere and residential environment. PROLAT recommends LavaPaint with Kourasani for interior and exterior walls both in new works and in restorations, for their transformation into monolithic, waterproof, coloured surfaces. The product is also available in a special edition as a finishing render in exterior thermal insulation systems. LavaPaint guarantees all three desirable properties of a top quality paint: practicality, durability and beauty.

Design-Construction: George Kavallis – Kalligrammon