A renovation in Plaka, the “neighborhood of the gods” just below the sacred rock of the Acropolis, is not a mere construction work but a true ritual as the result has to be in complete harmony with its neoclassical buildings, most of which are listed, retaining the picture of Athens as it was a century ago. Such an important mission requires of course the right materials. PROLAT, with great respect for the colour, character and history of this picturesque part of the Greek capital, rejuvenated the façade and interior walls of this building on Scholiou Street with LavaPaint with Kourasani, the perfect choice when we seek not just a monotonous and indifferent plastic surface but a unique natural one that attracts and pleasantly surprises the eye. The secret lies in its slightly coarse texture that differentiates if from ordinary paints and creates a special sense of naturalness and freshness.

Both for exterior and for interior walls of neoclassical buildings PROLAT recommends LavaPaint with Kourasani, which can transform them into monolithic waterproof coloured surfaces. Besides, the product has been approved by all archaeological services. The contribution of PROLAT to the impressive renovation of the above building was not limited to the use of LavaPaint but included one more top quality product, LavaPlaster Cream, which was used in the bathrooms. It is a particularly practical waterproof material in ready paste form that is suitable for floors and walls and ideal for various creative uses and DIY works. LavaPlaster Cream guarantees excellent functionality, high durability and an impeccable aesthetic result – like all the products of PROLAT.