Nowadays, a time when everybody is busy and pressed for time, shopping for clothes is not a mere necessity but also a splendid opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself. And enjoyment starts in the eyes. Man & Manetti knows it well, that’s why they wanted their new store in River West to be a pleasant and friendly place that would reflect the company’s aesthetic standards and attract customers. PROLAT made sure this became a reality.

LavaPaint with Kourasani, which was chosen for the walls, is a special material that offers unique naturalness when you wish for something better than the monotonously uniform plastic surfaces given by ordinary paints. Its discreet colour and slightly coarse texture serve perfectly the image of comfort and elegance that matches the company culture. LavaPaint is ideal for all walls, interior or exterior, as it combines the freshness and beauty of natural appearance with complete waterproofing and durability, while it is also available as a finishing render for external thermal insulation.

On the floor PROLAT used one of its most popular products, LavaPlaster, a reinforced, waterproof and exceptionally hard-wearing material only 4mm thick that guarantees absolutely smooth surfaces with no joints and is available in a wide variety of colours. Apart from floors and walls, PROLAT also recommends LavaPlaster for staircases, countertops, bathrooms, built beds, and many other uses. Moreover, a special varnish fully protects surfaces against staining by pollutants, oils, etc.

Finally, the solution proposed by PROLAT for countertops was the ultimate DIY product: LavaPlaster Cream, a particularly practical material in paste form that ensures functionality and a perfect aesthetic result.

The overall final outcome justifies the choices of PROLAT and proves once again the high quality and versatility of its products.