Do you like Italian cuisine? If so, benvenuti a Tartufo, a new restaurant that offers wonderful authentic Italian dishes in the picturesque neighbourhood of Monastiraki, in the heart of Athens, in a particularly friendly and tasteful environment, which, once again, bears the stamp of PROLAT. To the interior walls and the whole façade of Tartufo PROLAT applied Lavacryl Granite, a new generation decorative coating suitable both for interior and exterior surfaces, specially designed for building façades, as well as for external heating, burst systems and generally all cases in which aesthetic upgrade is required. It is a remarkably hard-wearing material available in various natural colours that remain unaltered by exposure to solar radiation.

For the floor, PROLAT chose another new quality product: LavaPlaster Cream, a waterproof user-friendly material in ready paste form with countless potential creative uses on floors and walls, also suitable for DIY works. The soft, warm, earthy colours that were chosen combine perfectly with the modern minimalist decoration and create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere in a place that pleases not only the palate but the eye too!