In the beautiful volcanic island of Lemnos, beneath the castle of Myrina, PROLAT added its own creative touches to a stately two-storey house built according to the rules of picturesque traditional architecture and in perfect harmony with the natural environment, under the supervision of engineer Stasinos Sampαlos, with two very special products: Coloured Stone Mortar and LavaPaint with Kourasani.

Coloured Stone Mortar, a bioclimatic material consisting solely of natural ingredients – ceramic tile powder, Theran earth, hydrated lime and silica sand – offers excellent workability and bonding. PROLAT recommends it for all kinds of stone buildings, as it possesses great strength and waterproofing ability thanks to the combination of hydrated lime and Theran earth, which lends it hydraulic properties. An additional remarkable advantage is the fact the Coloured Stone Mortar allows the building to “breathe”, while it also lightens stone thanks to its correctly chosen colour.

Another high quality product of PROLAT was used on exterior walls: LavaPaint, which is known to be the most suitable solution when we seek a sense of naturalness and freshness, as its slightly coarse texture differentiates it from ordinary paints and creates an impressively attractive aesthetic result. LavaPaint is ideal both for exterior and interior walls, transforming them into monolithic, waterproof surfaces in whatever colour we like. It is also available as a finishing render in exterior thermal insulation systems.

PROLAT can always recommend the most advantageous and reliable solutions for all building requirements and preferences, with high-standard products that respect customers and the environment.