High quality acrylic rubber sealant for roofs, parapets, skylights, etc. It has excellent adhesion to any surface, such as concrete, cement mortar, old sealants, etc. Its very good value and its endurance in adverse weather conditions,
make it ideal for both the individual seeking effective hydration over a lifetime, and for the professional seeking a product with high elasticity and durability.
Consumption: 1.20 m2 / lt, Color: White
Dilution: Up to 30% (as a primer), 10% and 5% (first and second coat respectively) With clean water
Container 9 lt / pallet 396 lt, container 3 lt / pallet 198 lt

Type: Roofs Aaterproof
Application: Roller - Brush - Spray
Performance: 1,2m2/lt
Dilution: No Dilution
V.O.C.: Volatile Organic Compounds EU limit value for this product category A/a paints for interior walls and ceilings 75 g/l (2007) and 40 g/l (2010). This product contains maximum 5 g / l VOC.