high quality waterproof roof coating

High quality waterproof roof coating suitable for concrete or tiled roofs and their concrete edges, dormer windows etc. since it has great resistance to all extreme weather conditions and long lasting durability. It has excellent workability, it exhibits great washability and maintains its properties even at extreme temperatures. It is considered as the most reliable solution, whenever a guaranteed outcome is needed, together with an excellent price.

Type: Roofs Aaterproof
Application: Roller - Brush - Spray
Performance: 1,2m2/lt
Dilution: No Dilution
V.O.C.: Volatile Organic Compounds EU limit value for this product category A/a paints for interior walls and ceilings 75 g/l (2007) and 40 g/l (2010). This product contains maximum 5 g / l VOC.
3LT, 9LT