A balcony with a view of the Acropolis, one of the most beautiful and famous historical monuments in the world, is by definition privileged. With the right materials, however, it can be literally turned into a little private oasis of peace and tranquility, a tasteful and practical extension of the flat that allows you to relax and daydream enjoying from above an uninterrupted view of Athens, the city that never sleeps. The product chosen by PROLAT for coating this balcony floor was Quartz Mosaic, which is ideal for outdoor areas such as terraces, balconies, garden walkways, staircases etc. It is a particularly hard-wearing anti-slip material that doesn’t need any joints, therefore it is quite easy to clean. Quartz Mosaic, one of the most popular products of PROLAT, possesses great elasticity due to the polyurethane resin that it contains and is not affected by small capillary cracks in the substrate. Moreover, it is available in a rich variety of colors thanks to the different colorations of natural quartz stone, which, precisely because it is natural, does not fade if exposed to sunlight; the floor remains unaffected even by the most adverse weather conditions and requires no maintenance. Like all solutions proposed by PROLAT, Quartz Mosaic combines the full spectrum of a top quality product’s practical properties with a really perfect aesthetic result. The pictures prove it beyond any doubt.