The Church of Saint Vlasios is located in the community of Daphne, just off the town of Amaliada. A remarkable morphological element of the 15th century meta-Byzantine monastery is the dogtooth band under the roof and the dome. The two-lobe window of the apse and the stone arch of the southern entrance are two equally noteworthy features. The part of the church pictorial decoration that has survived until the present day consists of the bema frescoes, painted after the Holy Mount Athos style. The church celebrates on 11 February, a day of special significance for all the inhabitants of the area. PROLAT, providing specialized materials ideal for this sort of work, contributed to the renovation of the church through the work of the talented and dynamic engineer Leonidas Roumpas. Always taking into consideration the specific demands of every project, we feel privileged and honoured to cooperate with young professionals who strive and manage to accomplish, without substantial economic benefit, such great things that are so important for the preservation of the cultural wealth of our country. Congratulations, Leonidas!