It is common knowledge that the exterior of a shop has a direct influence on consumers’ crucial first crucial impression and, by extension, on their desire to visit it and their purchase intention. Just like a beautiful cover that tempts you to buy a book and explore its content. Benetton is a company that needs no introduction. It does not rest on the laurels of brand recognition, however, and always makes sure its shops aesthetically reflect the high quality of its products. This is the case with the company shop in Psychico, Athens, where the cooperation between Benetton and PROLAT has led to a particularly successful and attractive result. The product used on the broader exterior space around the shop entrance was Quartz Mosaic, which is ideal for floor coating mainly in outdoor areas. PROLAT has many reasons to be proud of its Quartz Mosaic: it is an anti-slip material that exhibits remarkable mechanical strength, does not need joints and is very easy to clean. Furthermore, it is available in a rich variety of colours thanks to the different colourations of the natural quartz stone, which also ensures a beautiful appearance and has an additional advantage: it does not fade if exposed to sunlight.  This is why PROLAT can reliably guarantee that Quartz Mosaic remains unaltered in any weather conditions and requires no maintenance, which therefore makes it the best choice for exterior floor coating of all types and for any use.

Photography by VWebdesign.