Beside the sea and just a short hop from the busy centre of the Greek capital, an impressive 70,000-square metre park, masterfully designed by Doxiadis+ architecture office, has opened its gates to the public. Experience Park, which is part of the Ellinikon Metropolitan Park, offers a rich variety of activities and experiences for all ages and preferences in a spectacular environment including an amazing fountain with hundreds of water jets, light installations, squares, gardens, an outdoor training space and a forest playground with safe wooden constructions and play equipment. PROLAT played a major role in the creation of this new green oasis meant to serve as a model of sustainable living and recreation, contributing its Stabilized Ceramic Floor, an excellent material suitable for all sorts of outdoor areas that has a great advantage: it is water permeable and can thus absorb rain water, so the subsoil does not dry up. The final ceramic-earthen surface of the Stabilized Ceramic Floor, which consists of ground tiles, pebbles and pozzolan-Theran earth, is “compact” and particularly comfortable for walking or jogging; that’s why PROLAT chose this product for an urban park where visitors wish to have the chance to relax and get away from everyday routine by walking, exercising and playing. Stabilized Ceramic Floor is an ideal alternative to concrete as it is an absolutely eco-friendly, cold and bioclimatic floor characterized by remarkable natural beauty. In all great projects, such as floor and pathway covering in Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, the renovation of Olof Palme Park in Thessaloniki, the restoration of the traditional bridge of Plaka and many more, PROLAT is always there, participating in the works with its innovative ideas and its high-quality and exceptionally hard-wearing products, which consistently prove that amid the grey monotony of big cities beauty is not an unnecessary luxury but a necessity and a source of rejuvenation for the people of today.