In the beautiful Macedonian city of Grevena in Northern Greece, apart from the numerous (more than 2,500!) species of mushrooms that have given it the title of the “Mushroom Capital of Greece”, you can also find elegant and sophisticated shops that have nothing to envy those of metropolises such as Athens or Thessaloniki. A typical example is the hair salon and barber shop F&F, which was created with two main elements: good taste and excellent quality materials.
The interior design studio Decomaniacs of talented Sergios Lazos was responsible for the former, imaginatively designing an attractive and friendly environment, minimalist, classy and modern at the same time, while the credit for the latter belongs to PROLAT, which offered two of its most popular products to show the large and light spaces to advantage: LavaPaint for walls and LavaPlaster for floors. As clearly shown in the photos, LavaPaint is a very special solution proposed by PROLAT for interior or exterior walls.
The unique feature that differentiates it from usual paints is its slightly coarse texture that creates a pleasant sense of naturalness and freshness. Both for new or renovation works that require something different from a monotonously uniform plastic surface, PROLAT recommends LavaPaint with Kourasani, which is available in various lovely colours, and also in a special edition as a finishing render in exterior thermal insulation systems. As for floors, PROLAT had of course the ideal solution: LavaPlaster, an exceptionally hard wearing and completely waterproof reinforced material that can guarantee absolutely smooth surfaces with no joints, ensuring an impeccable aesthetic appearance and perfect functionality. It is also noteworthy that LavaPlaster is available in more than 150 beautiful shades.
The overall final result justifies both of the above choices.
And once more, PROLAT hasevery reason to be proud of them.