When choosing construction materials, especially for entertainment venues where image plays a decisive role, such as Huracan restaurant in Glyfada, Athens, we are often faced with a dilemma: should we give priority to the aesthetic or to the practical aspects of a material? Luckily, with PROLAT Quartz Mosaic there are no such dilemmas as, apart from the lovely colors of natural quartz stone that it offers, it also exhibits outstanding mechanical strength and anti-slip properties, does not stain and requires no maintenance. PROLAT guarantees that Quartz Mosaic does not fade if exposed to sunlight and remains unaltered in any weather conditions. But, because no matter how good you are, there is always room for improvement, PROLAT constantly upgrades its products, so Quartz Mosaic is now available in a new variety of colours, such as the one that contains copper filings! The specific material offers an additional advantage: one day after application it may be sealed with the new LavaDrops Gel for extra protection, as all kinds of stains remain only on the surface, which can be easily wiped clean. Moreover, it is a floor that needs no joints, which makes cleaning even easier. For all the above reasons, PROLAT proudly recommends Quartz Mosaic as an ideal, safe and reliable solution both for private and for public outdoor and indoor areas.

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