Kalymnos, the fourth largest island of the Dodecanese, which is inextricably linked with the rich Greek maritime tradition and sponge diving, is also a popular alternative tourism destination thanks to its landscape diversity and geomorphology. This is the idyllic natural environment where the house shown in these photos was built –a house that respects both nature and the needs of modern life. PROLAT stone mortar, which has been used here, is a bioclimatic product with natural ingredients that allows the building to “breathe”, while at the same time ensuring a fascinating aesthetic result.  PROLAT natural paints that have been used both on interior and exterior walls have contributed decisively to this result. And what is more, although this impressive house is by the sea, there are no signs of wear, as the above materials are particularly resistant to all sorts of weather conditions, as well as to salty sea air and humidity. PROLAT has added the final touch applying LAVAPLASTER to the bathrooms and exterior steps, thus creating a functional and pleasant residence in perfect harmony with the beautiful nature that surrounds it.