Simple, austere lines, clean shapes, open, light spaces and jointless, uninterrupted surfaces that reflect sunlight and show the calming colours to advantage create a restful, friendly and pleasant environment that allows us to relax and enjoy our personal and family moments after a stressful, tiring day. This is the architectural and decorative style adopted by this private residence in Kavouri, Athens, where modern and classical elements blend harmoniously, offering tranquillity, spaciousness and functionality. The contribution of PROLAT to the remarkably tasteful final result was once again decisive: the material used on stairs and floors was Lavaplaster, a well-known reinforced and perfectly waterproof product distinguished for its natural beauty. For exterior floors and balconies, PROLAT chose Quartz Mosaic, a particularly practical anti-slip material with extraordinary mechanical strength, which, thanks to the natural quartz stone contained, does not fade if exposed to sunlight, remains unaltered in time and unaffected by adverse weather conditions and does not require maintenance. Finally, to all interior walls PROLAT applied LavaPaint, which, in contrast to ordinary paints, guarantees a unique sense of freshness and naturalness thanks to its slightly coarse texture. Conclusion: the choice of suitable quality materials may convert a house into the home of our dreams.


Photography by VWebdesign.