After a difficult winter and many months of restrictions, the Greek summer is shyly smiling to us and tourism is taking off again. We start dreaming of travelling once again and airports are already bustling with life. The joy of travelling starts at the airport – especially if it is an impressive one, like the recently upgraded Thessaloniki International Airport ‘Macedonia’, which is now double in size, with a modern design and plenty of new shops and eating establishments. One of its most popular restaurants is La Pasteria, which bears the signature of Chadios Architects and promises to make the waiting time of passengers and visitors a pleasant and relaxing experience. Of course, in a restaurant, dishes are what matters most, but the ambience also plays a significant role. And this is where PROLAT came in, applying to the floors of La Pasteria one of its top quality products, LavaMosaic. LavaMosaic is ideal for interior floor coating and PROLAT unreservedly recommends it not only for private residences but also for all kinds of shops, hotels and eating establishments where floors are subject to heavy use, as it is a particularly hard-wearing and anti-slip material, which, thanks to a special varnish, does not stain and is remarkably easy to clean. PROLAT guarantees that, apart from being perfectly functional, LavaMosaic also offers an impeccable aesthetic result, which can ideally set off the decoration, atmosphere and personality of a place. In addition, it is available in a wide variety of colours that can satisfy all demands and preferences. Enjoy, then… and have nice and safe trips!