When you hear the name “Mykonos”, the first things that come to mind are the Aegean blue, the dazzling summer sunlight, the elegant simplicity of the Cycladic architecture and crazy partying all day and all night long! In SantAnna you can find all these in abundance! The impressive beach resort, which possesses a truly huge seawater swimming pool, multiple excellent bars, top-notch restaurants and all kinds of comfort anyone could wish for, welcomes guests in a dream environment created with a minimalistic approach and traditional Greek materials, such as Cycladic stone, wood and local fabrics, in complete harmony with the island’s nature.

For exterior spaces where large crowds of people entail heavy use on a daily basis, the ideal material should be not only aesthetically attractive but also hard wearing. PROLAT had the perfect solution: Quartz Mosaic, a particularly practical material for floor coating that can be applied to smooth concrete, common cement mortar or old tiles. It is also worth noting that Quartz Mosaic is absolutely safe for areas around swimming pools as it is anti-slip and possesses 100% elasticity. In addition, no joints are needed, so it very easy to clean. PROLAT recommends it unconditionally for all types of outdoor areas because it does not fade if exposed to sunlight or harsh weather conditions and, what is more, requires no maintenance. Finally, it is available in a wide variety of beautiful colours thanks to the different colourations of the natural quartz stone that it contains. Quartz Mosaic, another popular PROLAT product, proves that quality is undoubtedly the key to success.

Code applied: QM68