A garden is priceless in a city, as it is literally a window to nature. Moreover, with the right interventions, it may be converted into a little private paradise that can offer a breath of fresh air and precious doses of beauty. To achieve this, apart from inspiration and imagination, you need suitable materials that combine quality, durability and high aesthetics. For the beautiful and functionally designed garden of this house in Thrakomakedones, a privileged and rather sparsely populated residential area at the foot of Mount Parnitha, PROLAT had exactly what was needed: Quartz Mosaic, one of its most popular products that is widely used for floor coating mainly in outdoor areas, as it has anti-slip properties and exhibits outstanding mechanical strength. Here, it was used on the built benches and the broad, comfortable steps leading to the front door of this modern but picturesque stone built house. Quartz Mosaic is available in a wide variety of colours thanks to the different colourations of natural quartz stone. And, precisely because it is natural, PROLAT guarantees that it does not fade if exposed to the bright Greek sun, remains unaffected by weather conditions and requires no maintenance. An additional advantage of Quartz Mosaic is that it has no joints, therefore it is very easy to clean with ordinary household cleaning products. This is how even a small garden can be not merely the extension of a house, but a green fairytale corner where you can relax, daydream and rest after a stressful workday.


Photography: VWebdesign