BEAL (ΒΕΑΛ) power plant exploits the biogas produced in sanitary landfills, significantly contributing to the protection of the environment by producing renewable electricity and by reducing the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and the consumption of fossil fuels. A company for which environmental protection is a top priority would naturally use only high-quality and eco-friendly materials in harmony with its targets. The contribution of PROLAT to the premises of BEAL industry was double, with two of its products: LavaPaint and Quartz Mosaic. PROLAT chose LavaPaint and Quartz Mosaic for the built bookcase. These products are popular, ideal not only for walls and floors but also for built structures. PROLAT applied to the walls LavaPaint with Kourasani, a natural paint often chosen for facades and exterior masonry walls, which may renew even existing walls and transform them into monolithic, waterproof surfaces in any colours you prefer. However, what differentiates LavaPaint from ordinary paints is its slightly coarse texture that creates a clearly attractive aesthetic result and a pleasant sense of naturalness. The choice of PROLAT for outdoor areas was Quartz Mosaic, a very practical and durable material that does not fade if exposed to sunlight, remains unaffected by adverse weather conditions and requires no maintenance at all. Work place is as important as our home environment not only because it is where we spend a large amount of our time on a daily basis but also because it affects our mood and by extension our work performance. That’s why it deserves only the best possible materials. And PROLAT can definitely guarantee them!