Top quality materials suitable for each individual case are for constructors what a colour palette is for artists: with clever and correct choices, harmonious combinations, passion and imagination they can get impressive results. And since construction materials must satisfy not only aesthetic needs but practical ones too, quality is of utmost importance. PROLAT products meet the highest specifications, as proved by Lavacryl Granite Plaster, a material recommended mainly for exterior surfaces, but also for interior ones, as well as for any building needing aesthetic upgrade. This is the case with Bakery Stores in Corydallos, Athens, a touch of beauty and good taste in a densely populated typical urban area.

PROLAT applied Lavacryl Granite Plaster to the exterior and interior walls of the bakery and, as shown in the photos, it has evidently contributed to the creation of an undoubtedly attractive, elegant and modern environment.
Lavacryl Granite Plaster, as clarified by PROLAT, is based on the mixture of acrylic resin and natural quartz stone, which lends it elasticity and excellent durability. And of course, thanks to the natural quartz stone, the product does not fade and remains unaltered in any weather conditions without requiring maintenance. PROLAT has the key to all construction problems, recommending the best possible solutions responsibly, reliably and with respect both for customers and for the environment.