The vital role that colours play in our lives is well known and generally accepted: they add beauty to our homes and workplaces and can literally transform them, they inspire and rejuvenate us or they relax us and calm us down – take your pick! This is why choosing the right colour is even more important when you have to do with places that receive large numbers of visitors on a daily basis and aspire to make them feel comfortable and lift their mood. Luckily, PROLAT, always ready to offer handy and practical ideas, had the ideal solution for this case: LavaPaint with Kourasani, one of its most popular products, a bioclimatic material available in a wide variety of colours that is suitable both for exterior and interior walls.

The perfect aesthetic result achieved is evident in the pictures of Refill – Coffee & Snacks canteen in the modern exhibition centre Metropolitan Expo near Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos. The soft, discreet colour shade of LavaPaint that was selected for the walls and the ceiling creates the pleasant, warm and friendly atmosphere required in such a shop, as well as a very special sense of naturalness and freshness thanks to the product’s slightly coarse texture, which is what differentiates it from usual paints. When you seek an original, attractively rugged but natural result as opposed to the monotony of a merely painted surface, PROLAT has the answer: LavaPaint, a top quality product that transforms walls to monolithic colourful surfaces. Here, it has been applied even on a secret door so that it appears to be one with the wall. Moreover, the special composition of LavaPaint guarantees excellent breathability and a waterproof, durable and elastic surface. They say that there is no true beauty without colour. PROLAT endorses that and offers you the perfect solution to change and bring beauty to your everyday life!