Modern demands for the products used in the building and construction sector are – as they should be, of course – exceptionally high: a material has to be not only safe but also hard- wearing, easy to use, affordable and aesthetically impeccable. Lavacryl Granite, one of the top quality products developed by PROLAT for external thermal insulation, undoubtedly covers all the above requirements. In Filothei, Athens, PROLAT applied this product on the garden wall of the detached house shown in the photos.

Lavacryl Granite is a ready-made wall coating both for interior and for exterior surfaces. An added advantage is the fact that it can be applied even on a thermal façade. It is a material with excellent elasticity and a thickness of only 4-5 mm. PROLAT guarantees its stability and durability, as it is created by mixing natural stone with waterproof acrylic resins that remain unaltered by weather conditions. Moreover, Lavacryl Granite is available in a wide variety of colours thanks to the different colorations of the natural quartz stone that it contains. It is, therefore, an ideal choice for all kinds of façades – a new addition to the family of new generation quality products developed by PROLAT.