In Schinias, one of the best beaches of Attica, at the northeastern edge of the plain of Marathon, PROLAT had the chance to complete ideally the idyllic picture of a garden by the sea with its most suitable product for areas around swimming pools: Quartz Mosaic. It is an anti-slip floor coating material with outstanding mechanical strength and great elasticity that is perfect mainly, though not exclusively, for outdoor areas of all types and sizes. Quartz Mosaic is the reliable solution of PROLAT for hotels, shops or private residences like the one in the photos, not only because it is safe and practical, as it has no joints, therefore it is very easy to clean, but also because, thanks to its natural quartz stone, it does not fade if exposed to sunlight and is unaffected by any weather conditions with no need for maintenance.

Moreover, an additional equally important and instantly visible advantage is its high aesthetic value highlighted through the various colours in which it is available. In this case, PROLAT chose colour QM68 of Quartz Mosaic, a shade of grey particularly restful for the eye that perfectly matches the green of the garden and the blue of the sea. It was the final and decisive touch in the creation of a pleasant and relaxing environment that invites you to enjoy the view, nature and the wonderful Greek summer.