Color, as we all know, is what gives life both to private and professional places and creates atmosphere, as it directly influences not only mood but also the image we wish to show to the others, either supporting or undermining it. This is why the choice of the right color is so important. Choosing the right paint is equally important, given that, apart from quality, we should also take into account factors such as durability, convenience, the aesthetic dimension, and of course price.

PROLAT guarantees that its natural paint with kourasani, LavaPaint, performs excellently in all these areas. It is an outstanding product, suitable for exterior and interior walls, as in the case of the shop shown in the picture, one of the Cultivos Coffee chain shops, where the objective was to create a warm and friendly environment that would be pleasant and relaxing for customers. The aim was evidently achieved: PROLAT applied LavaPaint to the walls of the popular espresso & brew bar in one of its many attractive color shades (LP12, LP36, LP74). In contrast to the ordinary paints in the market, LavaPaint offers a unique natural sense thanks to its slightly coarse texture. If we add all its practical advantages to aesthetic originality and excellence, as it may be used both in new works and in restorations, transforming existing walls into monolithic waterproof surfaces, it is clear that it is an ideal solution for all kinds of walls and interior vertical surfaces in public or private spaces.

It should finally be noted that LavaPaint is also available as a finishing render in exterior thermal insulation systems. Let’s give some color to everyday life then… PROLAT knows the way!