In Neochori, Mani, perched on a hill that dominates a breathtaking landscape of wild beauty, Patio Villas, a luxury complex of private mansions, overlooks the endless sea. The four independent villas, combining typical traditional elements and all modern comforts, are an excellent example of the imposing architecture of Mani. PROLAT contributed to the creation of a particularly attractive image in perfect harmony with the natural environment with one of its most popular products, LavaPlaster. It is a reinforced material that can guarantee great durability and absolutely smooth, monolithic and waterproof surfaces only 4 mm thick. Here, PROLAT used LavaPlaster for the floors and bathrooms. LavaPlaster, which is also suitable for staircases, countertops, built beds etc., is available in more than 150 shades that can satisfy all preferences and demands, and impresses visitors with its natural beauty.

In addition, the use of a special varnish protects fully surfaces against staining by pollutants, oils, etc. The contribution of PROLAT, however, was not limited to only one material. It is well known that in stone-built buildings it is very important to use high standard mortar both for aesthetic reasons and to ensure waterproofing. The solution suggested here by PROLAT was Coloured Stone Mortar, a bioclimatic material consisting solely of natural ingredients: ceramic tile powder, silica sand, Theran earth and hydrated lime. The combination of the two latter ones creates hydraulic properties that enhance its strength and waterproofing ability. PROLAT unconditionally recommends Coloured Stone Mortar even for areas with very low temperatures or near the sea. Lastly, it should be noted that the specific material allows buildings to “breathe”, while at the same time lending them a graceful appearance and a lovely colour thanks to the powdered tiles it contains. The final result fascinates the eye, proving once more the quality excellence of the products of PROLAT.