A garden in a built-up urban area is not only a precious source of oxygen but also an oasis of beauty and tranquillity that relaxes you and soothes your soul. It goes without saying then that the use of concrete on its paths would greatly diminish its value and aesthetically harm its natural environment. Here too, however, PROLAT has the solution: its ready-made Stabilized Ceramic Floor, an ecological bioclimatic material suitable for all sorts of outdoor spaces and ideal especially for yards, gardens, pedestrian areas, etc. In the big verdant garden of the villa shown in the photo, which is a creation of PLETHRON CONSTRUCTION Company, PROLAT applied it on all walkways.

Stabilized Ceramic Floor owes its beautiful natural colour to the ground tiles, pozzolan Theran earth and the pebbles it contains. It is precisely these ingredients that make it water permeable and, as a result, it absorbs rainwater, so the soil does not dry up. With the choice of Ceramic Floor, PROLAT guarantees a ceramic-earthen final surface that is both “compact” and particularly comfortable for walking. It must also be noted that it is a cold floor that contributes to a pleasant microclimate even when it is very hot. PROLAT recommends Stabilized Ceramic Floor not only for its aesthetic excellence but also because it is the most practical and economical solution in comparison with other types of floors. Another excellent product of PROLAT that satisfies even the most demanding needs and preferences, always respecting customers and the environment.