In seaside areas, both in private residences and in professional premises, the construction materials chosen must ensure not only a visually attractive final result but mainly high resistance to sunlight, all sorts of adverse weather conditions and humidity. This was one of the reasons why PROLAT suggested a specific solution for all the exterior floor surfaces of a modern all-day coffee bar literally on the waves, Cielo Mar on the picturesque island of Spetses: its Quartz Mosaic. It is an anti-slip material suitable for floor coating mainly in outdoor areas, especially if they are subject to frequent and heavy use.

PROLAT guarantees that Quartz Mosaic possesses outstanding mechanical strength and great elasticity thanks to the polyurethane resin that it contains, and is very easy to clean with ordinary household chemicals as it has no joints. Moreover, thanks to its natural quartz stone, it is available in a wide variety of colours. From this rich colour palette, PROLAT selected colour QΜ65, a mild earthy shade that blends harmoniously with the natural environment and contrasts beautifully with the blue sea. Lastly, as Quartz Mosaic contains natural quartz stone, it does not fade if exposed to sunlight and PROLAT assures that it remains unaltered in any weather conditions with no need for maintenance. A particularly practical and tasteful material for special works of the highest standards!